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Giclee (Prints)

Now Available Limited Edition Giclee of The Cajun Picasso’s original paintings. Dusty will limit this print run to 50. Each giclee will be numbered and signed by Dusty Reed, The Cajun Picasso. Order yours Today through our online Shop or by simply emailing [email protected] with your name, print order, address and telephone number and the The Cajun Picasso Studio & Art Gallery store will contact you to confirm your order and payment information.

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Mixed media

Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed.

There is an important distinction between “mixed-media” artworks and “multimedia art”. Mixed media tends to refer to a work of visual art that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media. For example, a work on canvas that combines paint, ink, and collage could properly be called a “mixed media” work, but not a work of “multimedia art.” The term multimedia art implies a broader scope than mixed media, combining visual art with non-visual elements (such as recorded sound, for example) or with elements of the other arts (such as literature, drama, dance, motion graphics, music, or interactivity).

When creating a painted or photographed work using mixed media it is important to choose the layers carefully and allow enough drying time between the layers to ensure the final work will have structural integrity. If many different media are used it is equally important to choose a sturdy foundation upon which the different layers are imposed.

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Flowers Collection

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The Cajun Picasso Studio & Art Gallery is proud to present the “Flowers” Collection – “Original” Works of Art, by Dusty Reed – “The Cajun Picasso”

Dusty Reed is set to become an artistic powerhouse in the near future. His unique style is entertaining and vibrant. Every piece is blessed with that rich, Louisiana flare, born from the mind of a man known as “The Cajun Picasso”. Just like his namesake, Dusty’s art pushes the boundaries of the norm creating a style all his own.

Unique and captivating artistry has been created by some of the masters in the history of art, such as Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso. Perhaps a new legend resides in Lafayette, Dustin Dusty Reed also known as The Cajun Picasso.

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The Bowtie Guy Collection

The Cajun Picasso Studio & Art Gallery is proud to Present the “Bowtie Guy Collection” – “Original” Works of Art by Dusty Reed – “The Cajun Picasso”

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