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Putting A “Cajun” Spin On It. “The Cajun Picasso”

My interview with Acadiana Business Network’s Kevin Ste Marie on January 2, 2012; here’s a small excerpt from the actual article:

When I asked Dusty Reed of “The Cajun Picasso” if he could come up with a headline for this article, he replied: “Out with the dog and pony show & in with the Cajun-Creole soul. Then he smiled. ” The Acadiana Business Network couldn’t agree more. After spending some time with “The Cajun Picasso,” we not only agree, we hope you experience a cultural moment with Dusty Reed. His personality and passion for his culture will not only excite you, You may find yourself wanting to bring a piece of culture home with you!

Dustin “Dusty” Reed grew-up in Youngsville, LA until the age of 12. His Father from Mamou, LA and his Mother Eunice, LA. Two well-known small towns with a great deal of small town Cajun culture. Then one day Dusty’s mother wanted to move to an old farmhouse in Lafayette, LA. This is where an amazing Cajun artistic career started to develop. Dusty remembers from childhood the old farm table they would eat dinner around as children. But most of all the great many antiques which were on display around the kitchen became a permanent fixture into the life of who is now “The Cajun Picasso.” I asked “TCP” if he had a favorite antique growing up? He immediately told me there was a very rare Coca-Cola sign which he saved up for 7 months to make his own. When we asked him what were the other children saving up for? We learned “Nintendo” was popular at the time. So being the Cajun Picasso is more than just an image. We started to learn that it was a learning experience. An appreciative way of life that Dusty claims is still alive and well in The Acadiana area, The Cajun-Culture.

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Dusty Reed ( a.k.a thecajunpicasso ) Dusty Reed has been called Louisiana’s next George Rodrigue. See for yourself how he reflects the depth and breadth of Cajun culture through paint, sculpture, Foudoo dolls, found art and functional pieces, at The Cajun Picasso Art & Antique Gallery in Lafayette. “My thought process, just like you think before you speak, analyze… so my work is an analysis of my mind. That and the culture of Louisiana is a huge part of what I do.”