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TCP Birthday

Doesn’t matter how old you are, celebrate with a splash of color at TCP. You and up to 9 guests are invited to have fun creating a specially designed piece of art based on your preselected choice!

TCP Birthday

$125 ($10 for each additional person over 10)

Class Features
Tuesday – Saturday from 9:00am – 11:00am or 6:00pm – 8:00pm
2 Hours of Fun!
Everyone takes home their work of art

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Art Class Photos

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Unleash your creativity with friends, art, and Fun! Come to The Cajun Picasso Studio & Art Gallery for a unique experience you will never forget! Bring your own wine or beverage of choice and we’ll provide the rest of the supplies. A local professional artist will be here to teach you how to create a painting. This is perfect opportunity to enjoy yourself with your friends, family, or significant other and go home with your new masterpiece.

About Cajun Date Night

Reawaken your artistic side (We all have one) by joining a class at The Cajun Picasso Studio & Art Gallery. Contact Dusty Reed at (337) 247-7674, Sign-Up Online, or visit us in Lafayette at 102 Woodvale Avenue.

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The Author

Dusty Reed ( a.k.a thecajunpicasso )

Dusty Reed has been called Louisiana’s next George Rodrigue. See for yourself how he reflects the depth and breadth of Cajun culture through paint, sculpture, Foudoo dolls, found art and functional pieces, at The Cajun Picasso Art & Antique Gallery in Lafayette.

“My thought process, just like you think before you speak, analyze… so my work is an analysis of my mind. That and the culture of Louisiana is a huge part of what I do.”