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The Cajun Picasso – The Wanderers Review

An online review by The Wanderers on The Cajun Picasso Studio & Art Gallery; here’s a small excerpt from the actual review:

Being around creative people, I feel like one who thinks “inside the box.”

Architects can visualize a completed structure, composers can hear a completed composition, and artists and sculptors can see their completed works long before their projects are actually finished.

And then there are those individuals who can see other uses in everyday objects—and even junk—and create articles and images by combining a variety of these “found objects” (see the two photos below). To me this skill requires even more of the artist because the artist must use the materials—with their fixed shapes, textures, and dimensions—presented to him/her.

The Wanderers Review Scarecrow Review Image
Just off Johnston Street in Lafayette, LA, with its typical urban arrangement of shops and eateries is the Cajun Picasso Art and Antiques Gallery—a gallery that is “out of the box” compared to the box stores in the nearby mall. The artwork spills out of the gallery and into the parking lot and front porch.

In “a gallery like no other gallery”, Dustin “Dusty” Reed “has created an oasis of unconventional, contemporary-folk art. His art, and the art of the other in-house artists, takes a new approach to how art is viewed” (Shanna Perkins, Lafayette Exposedtv).

One of those other artists happened to be in the gallery the day we visited. John Daigre, a retired pediatrician who goes by the name of “Dr. of Folk”, had an early interest in collecting the works of primitive artists and then developed an interest in creating similar artworks, such as the scarecrow in the photo below (Right).

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The Author

Dusty Reed ( a.k.a thecajunpicasso )

Dusty Reed has been called Louisiana’s next George Rodrigue. See for yourself how he reflects the depth and breadth of Cajun culture through paint, sculpture, Foudoo dolls, found art and functional pieces, at The Cajun Picasso Art & Antique Gallery in Lafayette.

“My thought process, just like you think before you speak, analyze… so my work is an analysis of my mind. That and the culture of Louisiana is a huge part of what I do.”